Why You Should Sell Your Gold jewellery To us and avoid Auction Houses/ebay.sell gold jewellery rings pendants brooches, antique, vintage and modern

We have to ask why are people using auctions (and ebay)  to sell their gold jewellery. They charge 30% fees, don't pay for weeks and often the winning bidder does not even pay?. More than that we could well have paid them a lot more!
Auction Houses do have their uses, but remember they will over-value your item of gold jewellery  just to get it in and then often push you into accepting an offer. lower than you would wish.

We know of customers selling Sovereigns in auction and ending up with 20% less than we would have offered and they had to wait for weeks to get the money.  One customer recently waited 6 weeks for a non-paying bidder at auction. Fed up, she came to us and we bought her ring straight away and for more. We paid another customer 10% more than the auction house said they could get, or 40% more if you take off their 30% fees.  Auctions are best for very rare and expensive designer pieces. 

You do not get any of that nonsense with the Birmingham Gold Company. We will pay more for certain items, we pay straight away, we have no fees and we do not force you to accept anything lress than you wanted. 

Why not get a quote from your local auction, deduct their fees and then use our calculator to check whether we can beat their price and quicker. Give us a call today