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Our calculator is honest, transparent and easy to use

Our sell gold and silver calculator shows the actual price we pay for gold and silver items that we buy. In contrast many companies show the spot price known as the fix on their calculators and this can be very misleading as  this is NOT the price they pay. All gold and silver buyers pay a percentage of the fix and we pay one of the best prices for gold and silver in the Uk and EU. Using the calculator correctly to sell your gold and silver to us as the gold buyer of your choice is very simple

1/  Sort your items into their different carats. if you can't then tell us either in person or when you send them in.

2/ For each type of carat/purity weigh your items 

3/ using the drop-down box on the gold and silver calculator  select the correct carat/purity and enter the weight . The price we pay for your gold and silver will appear in the box on the right  of our calculator....If in doubt  read the instructions below the calculator on this page and then use the links  to sell to us. 


Gold  & Silver Calculator Instructions - Unlike some companies gold calculators this sell gold calculator shows the price we actually pay  

1/ Determine the carat (gold) or purity(silver) of your item by reading our website eg

i/ 9 carat =375   ii/ the lion mark ie  Lionpassant =925 Sterling Silver iii/ 50% coins are 500 silver

2/ Enter the weight unless you have half-sovereigns,  sovereigns krugerrands in which case you should enter the number of coins NOT weight into the correct area.

The value of your items will appear below We do not charge any fees .

NB to calculate your price in ounces enter 31.1 grams into the calculator to get the price for one ounce . 31.1 grams is a TROY ounce, 28 grams is a cooking ounce. 

NB For 999 Gold Select the 22 carat price, enter your weight, get the result and then divide the result by 22 and then multiply by 24 to get our 24 carat price

Once you have your price then either...

Make an Appointment to sell Gold in Person  OR  Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post Call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form

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Using an online  gold price calculator? When you want to sell your gold or silver, you want the best price for your jewellery and items, beware of these tricks from gold buyers.

The Gold Fix Trick

Be aware that many gold companies today are using a little trick to catch you out. Whilst we publish the actual price we pay on our gold price calculator many companies simply display the global market (ie spot or the fix ) for gold. They do not pay that amount as the small print reveals later, and if they did they would make no profit and therefore not be in business,but the fact is that you can be enticed by this trick and get far less than you bargained for. Always check that the price advertised is the price that you will receive for gold and silver.  

The "Up To" Trick

When you want to sell your gold other companies quote an "up to" price, which is just as deceptive as the first "sell your gold to us " trick. You need accurate prices not vague guidelines promises, nor inaccurate promises. These companies quote an "up to" price only because they are too embarrassed to quote the true price they are offering for your gold. Avoid at all costs  

The "No calculator / No published gold prices" Trick

Even worse some gold  and silver buyers show no prices on their website making claims such as we will buy your gold and silver as items and so on. These companies are amongst the biggest rip offs in the UK and we have heard many horror stories as to how they offer less than 20% of the scrap value, only increasing their offer when pushed. if you are looking to sell gold or silver and are enticed by such a company, at least get a price from us first so you know the true value of your items. Then if you really want to send off your items to these types of companies make sure you can demand your items back when the scandalous offer is received. these gold buyers and vintage buyers don't publish their prices for a very good reason

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