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Q Where is the Best Place to Sell Gold in Birmingham & the UK?

FAQ Content:To sell gold in Birmingham and the Uk , the best place to go is The Birmingham Gold Company. We offer amongst the highest rates, with a clear and transparent buying process and very speedy payouts We strive to provide excellent customer service, and have a reputation for fairness and honesty . Before you visit, consider these tips to ensure you get the best price for your gold:

  1. Research: Compare prices from multiple buyers to get the best deal.
  2. Check Reviews: Look at customer reviews and ratings for reputable buyers.
  3. Know Your Gold: Be aware of the weight and karat of your gold.


Q What gold/silver items will you buy?

 A/ We buy all gold silver, platinum items, including broken items, unhallmarked items, scrap items  etc, basically the lot. remember we also buy watches & diamonds, cvostume jewellery and of course rolled gold.  

Q Do you really pay more than scrap for certain Gold/Silver items?

Yes we do. If you think your item is worth more than scrap then please call in or post it to us and if your item is saleable ( ie we can sell it) and without damage then we will offer you more we will 

Q/ Do I need to make an appointment to sell my gold, silver watches diamonds and so on ?

A/ No! You do not have to make an appointment but some people who are travelling from a long way away may prefer one . Since Covid19 we now operate a safe and secure counter . Not only can you sell your valuables safely without prying eyes nor interference, our counter area is fully covid-compliant. 

Make an Appointment now or just call in.

Q/ Do I need to bring ID, and if so in what form?

A/ Yes, we need to see Photo ID, i.e. Passport, Driving Licence, Works ID, Bus Pass etc.

Q/ Is there parking nearby?

A/ Yes, there is on street bay parking, or an NCP mult-storey car park 100 yards up the street.

Q/ How long will the transaction take?

A/ Transactions are usually completed within 20 minutes, however they make take longer if you have a large amount of Gold/Silver items, or if they require testing. There may also be a queue.

Q/ Can you test my Gold/Silveritems on site?

A/ Yes, we can test many Gold/Silver items on site, although rarely, some more difficult items may need to be left with us for further analysis. A receipt will be given. 

Q/ Do you charge for testing my Gold/Silveritems?

A/ No, all testing is free of charge.

Q/ How Do You test Gold & Silver

We use 2 methods. The first is the traditional acid test for Gold and Silver using Nitric acid and the second method is via our Niton XRF analyser

Niton XRF analyser as used by Birmingham Gold Company

Q/ Is the price on your website the actual price I will receive?

A/ Yes, the per gram price is correct, however if there are any stones etc in your Gold/Silver items you will lose a small amount of weight, and unhallmarked Gold/Silver items will have to be tested to ascertain the purity.

Q/ How do you pay?

A/ We pay via Cash, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Q/ If I am paid by Bank Transfer when can I expect to receive the payment?

A/ All Bank Transfers are made the same day, and in most cases you will receive payment the same day, but it can take up until the close of business on the following working day to be credited to your account.


Postal Gold & Silver FAQs

What fees Do You Charge?

 None, nothing whatsoever, none at all, absolutely nothing!

What if The Gold price Changes?

As many professional companies do, we mainly base our prices on the London Gold Fix price for silver which is set at 10:30am. The percentage we pay for your gold will be the price our our gold and precious metals  price calculator shows when we receive your Gold/Silver items. We will then telephone you with an offer for your gold. If the price for gold has risen we will offer you more and if it has fallen the offer will be less. If in the unlikely event that you decide NOT to accept our offer for your gold, your items will be returned to you by special delivery without charge.


Is the Special Delivery Postal Service Safe?

In a word "YES" The Royal Mail has a 99% success rate at delivering special delivery parcels and don't forget yourGold/Silver items are fully insured. Make sure you insure for the right value. Your Post Office will advise you and you can use our gold and precious metals  price calculator gold and precious metals  price calculator to get an approx value of your item

Can I Trust You With My Gold?

Unequivocably "YES" We are a VAT Registered Company VAT REG No 990 7386 73. Our sister Company is the Birmingham Silver Company and we have to date paid out over £5 million to over 8000 satisfied customers. We will check & weigh your items and send you with your cash a  receipt. Post your Gold today to The BGC, 94 Vyse Street, Birmingham, B18 6JZ

What if My Items are not Gold?

If you send non-gold/silver items to us and want them returned, we make a charge of £6.50 for returning them to cover postal costs etc.. This can  be deducted from the amount of the offer we have made

Why dont you send out a pack?

NB We don't have fancy TV Ads, Celebrities etc nor do we send out packs.. This helps us keep costs down which helps us to pay you more cash for your Gold!

How do you pay? 

By post we pay via  bank transfer or cheque. if you call in with valid up to date ID we can also pay you cash. Tell us what you want on our  form

How long after you receive my gold and /or silver items  does it take to get paid

For transfers It would be over-promising to say that it will be the same day in 100% of cases BUT that is our aim. Occasionally our Bank likes to do random security cheques, which delay matters by a day and sometimes its Friday PM and Banks don't make transfers on a Saturday   BUT in 90% of cases it is within 24 hours . We are pleased to bank with Santander. For Cheques Usually the following day via Recorded  delivery but occasionally if we are "absolutely heaving" it takes an extra day........acts of God are very very very rare!  


I have scrap precious metal recovered from spent catalysts, CPUs etc Will you buy these

Yes when market forces allow us to. Please phone and have a chat with us on 0121 448 0488

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