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Sell Gold Guide




When you want to sell Gold to a Gold Buyer  you need to follow the 4 steps here ie 



1/ Identify each carat of gold you may have and wish to sell ,

2/ Weigh each carat of gold 

3/ Calculate the price we would pay for each  carat using our gold price calculator eg total value of your 9 carat gold  and get a total  and Finally

4/ Sell your gold to us We will buy any type of gold. Remember the price for gold our calculator shows is the price you will get providing your weights and carats are correct. Remember also weight can be deducted for stones, springs, and non-silver metals etc  Either send your gold to us or call in. 




Step 1 Identify Gold Carat - Use The Hallmark Chart

Hallmarks1 1

Most UK gold sold is mainly 

9 carat (9ct) represent by the numbers 375 ie 37.5% Pure Gold

14 carat  (14ct) represented by the numbers 585 ie 58.5% pure Gold 

18 carat (18ct) represented by the numbers 750 ie 75% pure Gold 

22 carat (22ct) represented by the numbers 750 ie 75% pure Gold . Sovereigns and half-sovereigns are  also 22 carat

24 carat  (24ct) represented by the numbers 750 ie 75% pure Gold 

Split the gold that you wish to sell into seperate piles .


Step 2 Weigh Each Pile of Gold Separately 


Weigh each separate pile of gold that you want to sell  (ie the gold that you have split into its various carats) and record the weights in grams. If you only have kitchen scales, your weights will be approximate. if you can only weigh in ounces then remember that cooking scales will calculate an ounce as a cooking ounce (28 grams) whereas as Jewellers scales calculate an ounce as a Troy ounce ie 31.1 Grams .

Non Gold /Silver metal/stones etc

NB we do not pay gold or silver price for springs, wire, stones, and metal in your Gold or Silver . We will deduct a fair weight for all non-gold /silver metal in your items in-line with industry practice. remember there are springs in clasps, wuite wires in bangles as gold and silver  is not flexible. Your gold and silver items might also have stones. we do offer good diamond prices for diamonds above 25 points.


NB if you have unhallmarked gold then call us on 0121 448 0488. 

NB If you have Asian Gold which has not been properly hallmarked then call us on 0121 448 0488


Step 3  Calculate the Value of Your Gold 

A lot of online gold and silver calculators today simply show the spot price( the fix)  for the precious metals.Spot price is the FULL market price for gold and silver  This is not the same as showing the price they actually pay for gold and silver. All gold and silver buyers pay a percentage of the price or they wouldn't make a profit and as a seller you should ask yourself why they prefer to show you  the full market price or gold rather than the price they actually pay you Alarm bells should ring if their gold site shows you the spot price first with their calcultor hidden below. Our gold calculator shows the actual price we pay you and is up ton date.

Using our online gold calculator 

First click on the white space  right of the carat/purity section of the calculator (roughly in the middle where it shows 9 carat first) The drop-down box will show up 


Select the carat you want to get the value for . In this case we have selected 18 carat.Then  enter the weight of the eg 18 carat that you have weighed in the previous step. In this case we had 1 gram of 18 carat which is worth £22.07.  (as at 10/10/17.) Prices could be up or down since then but remember the calculator rate changes daily.  NB You don't have to press any more buttons, the price of 18 carat gold  shows up in red as soon as you have entered the weight 

NB NB If you have gold coins do NOT enter the weight. Just select the type of coin ie Sovereign, Half-sovereign or Krugerrrand and enter the number of them you wish to sell



Finally remember also weight can be deducted for stones, springs, and non-gold metals etc. Its a good idea to estimate weight loss at this stage if you can. If not we will agree with you a suitable amount via the phone call we will make to you.We can pay more if you have diamonds etc.   

Step 4 Selling Gold & Silver to Us

Shop1 3

Once  you have established the price for your various gold carats you can ... 

1/ Call in to sell your gold  Visit our Gold & Silver Counter Page Here

2/ Post Your Gold.  To Post Gold and Silver To us Read our Postal Gold & Silver Page Here 

3/ Telephone Us on 0121 448 0488 or read our Sell Gold & Silver - 8 Top Tips



 To sell Gold,  Silver, Platinum etc to us, use our Calculator then either Call In to our Counter Service,   Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post,  Call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form