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Sell 9 Carat Gold Scrap-Gold Buyers


Sell your Nine 9 Carat Gold, Jewellery & Scrap  to Birmingham Gold Co. Gold Buyers

Sell your 9 carat  ie 9ct Gold to the Birmingham Gold Co. we buy all types of 9 carat Gold jewellery including 9ct gold rings, chains, bracelets bangles pendants etc but also cigarette cases, lighters coins and much more

9 carat gold is the most common form of gold sold in the UK . It can be yellow gold white gold (ie with Rhodium plating) or rose gold ie with the addition of extra copper. It is easily identified  by the number 9 (nine)  on the hallmarks or 375. The number 375 stands for 375 parts out of 1000 or 37.5% gold,. The other metals used will be silver,  copper and  zinc . 9 carat gold is tough, hard-wearing and harder than 14 18 and 22 carat gold . To get a price for your 9ct gold ie to find out what the 9carat gold price is  use the calculator below


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