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Sell your 22 Carat Gold, Jewellery & Scrap  to Birmingham Gold Co. Gold Buyers

Sell your 22 carat  ie 22ct / 22k Gold to the Birmingham Gold Co. we buy all types of 22 carat Gold jewellery including 22ct gold rings, chains, bracelets bangles pendants etc but also cigarette cases, lighters coins and much more

22 carat gold is a softe malleable metal. Wedding rings especially can be 22ct Gold as well as gold coins of course including Sovereigns and half sovereigns. A lot of Asian gold can be 22 carat if fully UK hallmarked but also can be as low as 18 or 19 carat if unhallmarked. there has in recent years been a scandal about the purity of some asian gold as this link reveals . If you search Google for asian gold 22ct Trading Standards you will find that much falls below the accepted standard for 22 carat gold. The assay test is a strict scientific test You can't just stamp gold and call it 22ct We do of course buy Asian Gold but it will often require gold testing so if you have asian gold please call us on 0121 448 0488 for more information

22 carat gold has more than twice the gold content of 9 carat gold and is far more expensive to buy and much more than double the gold price when you come to sell it. 22 carat gold  can be from the Uk or quite commonly abroad eg Italy  the EU etc It can be yellow gold or white gold (ie with Rhodium plating) or rose gold ie with the addition of extra copper. It is easily identified  by the number 22 (twenty two)  on the hallmarks or the numbers 916. The number 916 stands for 916 parts out of 1000 or 91.6% gold,. The other metals used will be silver,  copper and  zinc . 22 carat gold is a high carat  soft, gold metal.

NB A word of warning. the Uk hallmark is a scientific test and it IS accurate and legal proof of purity, however some 22ct foreign hallmarks can simply be added by the maker and are not always strictly accurate especially in countries where there is no rigid hallmarking law. These pieces may have to be scientifically tested especially where the hallmark appears rough or not properly defined

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