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Sell your 14 carat  ie 14ct / 14k Gold to the Birmingham Gold Co. we buy all types of 14 carat Gold jewellery including 14ct gold rings, chains, bracelets bangles pendants etc but also cigarette cases, lighters coins and much more

14 carat gold can be from the Uk or quite commonly abroad eg Turkey the EU etc It is better quality ie has more gold content than 9 carat gold. It can be yellow gold or white gold (ie with Rhodium plating) or rose gold ie with the addition of extra copper. It is easily identified  by the number 14 (fourteen)  on the hallmarks or the numbers 585. The number 585 stands for 585 parts out of 1000 or 58.5% gold,. The other metals used will be silver,  copper and  zinc . 14 carat gold is tough, hard-wearing and harder than  18 and 22 carat gold . To get a price for your 14ct gold use the calculator below


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