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 The Birmingham Gold Company as well-established gold buyers  buy all types of Asian, Indian & foreign jewellery & gold. When you want to sell Asian Gold ie Indian Pakistani or foreign gold ie non-Uk hallmarked gold we offer excellent lgold prices especially for jewellery
 Sell Asian Gold  We buy all Asian Gold. There are many places in the uk that pay out less than they should when you sell asian gold to them. Some have been known to pay only the value of 9 carat Gold for asian gold which  can be  anywhere from 19-23 carat 
We buy all types of Asian and foreign gold including gold bangles, gold necklaces, gold wedding gifts, chains, rings and earrings, used or new and from the Uk or India pakistan and the UAE

Not all Asian Gold is Hallmarked fully or at all so  we will fully test all un-hallmarked gold right in-front of you it's a simple process that only takes a couple of minutes. When you Sell Asian Gold without hallmarks, be sure to have it tested correctly or you could lose hundreds of pounds. Sometimes asian gold consists of 18-21k with a fine covering of 22ct.  The Uk hallmark is a rigorous test. It is a scientific test and a UK assay hallmark means that every inch of the item meets the quality of the given hallmark.    Call us to sell asian gold for what we believe to be the best price available in theUK on 0121 448 0488 or just call in   For more information about Trading Standards raids on Uk jewellers selling unhallmarked Asian gold and why, if you buy UK unhallmarked jewellery whether here or abroad you run the risk of getting a less purity/carat of gold  than you thought...

Read more abouthe asian gold scam in the following 2 links asian gold scam trading standards1

and most importantly asian gold scam trading standards1

This quote about buying and selling asian gold from the above link says it all 

Michael Allchin, Assay Master of the Birmingham Assay Office, highlighted the legal requirements for the correct hallmarking of gold jewellery, in particular the issues relating to 22carat gold. “Recent Trading Standards initiatives have exposed an element of rogue traders who are selling jewellery that is not hallmarked and is not always 22ct gold. It’s important for the bona fide traders and their customers to ensure their jewellery is hallmarked, which will in turn drive out the businesses which are not playing by the rules” he said. 

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Scrap Price vs Cash For Antique / Vintage Prices

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Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies, antique dealers and jewellers,  don't publish their prices  & offer considerably less than scrap. So if they can't re-sell your item as vintage or antique they still earn  by selling the item to companies like us .   Rest assured we strive to pay the very best prices for your Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery and items. Cut Out The Middleman!