Sell your 24 Carat Gold to Birmingham Gold Co. Gold Buyers

Sell your 24 carat  ie 24ct / 24k Gold to the Birmingham Gold Co. we buy all types of 24 carat Gold which tends to be in the form of Jewellery marked 999 (though without a full hallmark the actual purity might be less) or more commonly pure gold bars and coins like Maples, Britannias Pandas etc 

24 carat gold is a very soft flexible metal. and is  is easily identified  by the number 999 . The number 999 stands for 999 parts out of 1000 or 99.9% gold,. To get a price for your  pure Gold use the gold calculator below...select 22ct enter your weight then divide the result by 22 and multiply by 24  to get our 24ct price


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 To sell Gold,  Silver, Platinum etc to us, use our Calculator then either Call In to our Counter Service,   Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post,  Call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form 

Scrap Price vs Cash For Antique / Vintage Prices

Best Place to Sell Gold

Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies, antique dealers and jewellers,  don't publish their prices  & offer considerably less than scrap. So if they can't re-sell your item as vintage or antique they still earn  by selling the item to companies like us .   Rest assured we strive to pay the very best prices for your Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery and items. Cut Out The Middleman!