Sell Gold & Silver Peterborough for the Best & Highest Cash prices-Today! 

We don't have a gold  and silver buying centre to buy gold in Peterborough  BUT we do have a lot of customers from the Peterborough area who sell their gold, scrap gold and silver to us for the best and highest cash prices by simply driving down to us in Birmingham or posting using the very safe Royal Mail Special Delivery System. That way you cut out the middleman ie your local jeweller, scrap gold buyer who buys it from you and then sells it to national gold buyers like us. NB If we had gold buying shops all round the Uk the huge overheads would mean we could no longer pay you the best gold and silver prices. Its simple maths.

Use the calculator above to calculate the gold price we will be paying you then read below. Please note we buy all types of gold and silver, the price we show on the calculator is the price you will receive 

Want to Sell your Gold in Birmingham, the heart of English Gold? (Q. So what is the point in travelling hundreds of miles to sell your gold scrap gold and silver to us in Birmingham?A. Simply you cut out the middleman ie your local jeweller, scrap gold buyer who buys it from you and then sells it to companies like us often earning up to £4 a gram in the process., if you have 100 grams or more then you have lost up to £400 by simply not getting in your car and coming to see us!

Deal direct with one of the most popular gold buying companies in the UK & IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TRAVEL JUST POST IT TO US. Customers sell gold to us from afar as  Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, Norwich, London and Bristol

Postal Gold

Scrap Price vs Cash For Antique / Vintage Prices

Best Place to Sell Gold

Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies, antique dealers and jewellers, not only do not publish their prices  they also offer considerably less than scrap. So if they can't re-sell your item as vintage or antique they still earn  by selling the item to companies like us .   rest assured at the Birmingham Gold Company we strive to pay the very best prices for your Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery and items.


 To sell Gold,  Silver, Platinum etc to us, first weigh your items then use the gold & silver calculator to get a price. Remember our price is more than cash-for-vintage companies or jewellers will pay you! Either Call In to our Counter Service,   Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post,  Call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form