Best and Highest UK Gold Price? Best and Highest UK Gold Price? -For Gold and Silver Jewellery, Scrap and other items


Well we do believe we  pay the highest and best true UK prices for gold and scrap gold, silver and watches   to the Public and Trade. Our price per gram is very high, but add to that these facts... We are a small family run business that has minimal overheads, no heavy staff costs and no fancy premises all things paid for by profit at your expense. .We do not charge fees, we keep weight loss, due to stones and wires  to a minimum and we always identify the gold content correctly. .  And if you are still not convinced then remember our scales are trading standards calibrated and we weigh items right in front of you.  The best and highest TRUE UK Gold Price  .......  probably. 
Cut out the middleman, save  up to £4 a gram (£400 on a 100 grams) and deal direct with us.


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Using an online  gold price caclulator? When you want to sell your gold or silver, you want the best price for your jewellery and items .

Be aware that many gold companies today are using a little trick to catch you out. Whilst we publish the actual price we pay on our gold price calculator many companies simply display the global market (ie spot or the fix ) for gold. They do not pay that amount as the small print reveals later, and if they did they would make no profit and therefore not be in business,but the fact is that you can be enticed by this trick and gert far less than you bargained for. Always check that the price advertised is the price that you will receive for gold and silver.  


 To sell gold and silver to us , first get an idea of the value of your items by weighing your items then using the gold and silver calculator Then either

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