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Sell Your Fine Jewellery & Luxury Items - Diamond, Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire jewellery, Watches & Luxury Brands

if you are thinking how to sell your fine jewellery and/or luxury items, you have come to the right place.  As one of the UK's most prolific buyers of and dealers in precious jewellery & luxury items from diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire rings and pendants  to watches such as Rolex and Cartier, we can offer you the best possible prices, with no fees. With over 50 years combined  experience  in the industry we have perfected an online and in-person  buying service for  your most precious heirlooms and luxury items. Unlike auction houses and ebay etc we charge no fees (They can charge around 35%+ which is a colossal fee) and you do not have to wait until your item has sold,if it does sell, to receive your money.

The images below give an indication of the types of items we would make an offer on ie   Diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets etc; prestige watches, including Rolex and Omega and of course  bespoke heirlooms and designer bags.  Designer names we will buy include Cartier, Mikimoto, Chaumet, Apreys, Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany, Hermes, Van Cleef & Aepels, Piaget,  Chopard,  Rolex,  Georg Jensen,  Theo Fennell etc, but remember not all items we will purchase have any designer name ie diamonds etc 


We buy all types of precious gems and heirloomsWelcome to our price offer/quotation service for your fine jewellery, gems, watches and heirlooms. Simply email us with images of your items and a brief description and  we will come back to you with a  purchase offer, where possible . The offer we make depends on three factors,  market demand, the type of hallmark your item has and of course condition.  Remember that a non-UK hallmark makes your item slightly less desirable to buy in this country, but a quality item is a quality item. Market demand for your items plays a big part in our quotation estimate. The third  and probably the most important factor is condition. 

Gold Ring -Damaged ie ScrapWith regard to condition, the problem is that it costs a lot of money to refurbish a piece of Gold  jewellery or a watch and you must take this into account if trying to sell privately. privateBuyers will examine every facet of the item and a small scratch, whether on the gold, platinum or on a stone for example can make  a sale difficult (Remember also that jewellers etc use a high powered loupe or magnifying glass so some gemstone wear etc which cannot be seen by the naked eye, will be picked up).  Refurbishing a stone or a shank  can both be costly. Any damage will be reflected in our offer, but be assured that unlike auction houses with their 30% fees, we do not charge a thing. Given our excellent reviews and long business experience -we have paid out over £35million to hundreds  of satisfied customers - in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, we believe we are best placed to give you the best prices.. 

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