Gold & Silver FAQ's


Q What gold/silver items will you buy?


A/ we buy all gold silver, platinum items, including broken items, unhallmarked items, scrap items  etc, basically the lot. remember we also buy watches & diamonds and of course rolled gold.  

Q/ Do I need to make an appointment to sell my gold, silver watches diamonds and so on ?

A/ No, we are open 09:30am-03:30pm Tuesday through till Saturday, and you can call in any time within these hours. Athough if you have a large quantity of items it is best to call in before 12pm.

Q/ Do I need to bring ID, and if so in what form?

A/ Yes, we need to see Photo ID, i.e. Passport, Driving Licence, Works ID, Bus Pass etc.

Q/ Is there parking nearby?

A/ Yes, there is on street bay parking, or an NCP mult-storey car park 100 yards up the street.

Q/ How long will the transaction take?

A/ Transactions are usually completed within 20 minutes, however they make take longer if you have a large amount of items, or if they require testing. There may also be a queue.

Q/ Can you test my items on site?

A/ Yes, we can test many items on site, although some more difficult items may need to be left with us for further analysis. A receipt will be given. 

Q/ Do you charge for testing my items?

A/ No, all testing is free of charge.

Q/ Is the price on your website the actual price I will receive?

A/ Yes, the per gram price is correct, however if there are any stones etc in your items you will lose a small amount of weight, and unhallmarked items will have to be tested to ascertain the purity.

Q/ How do you pay?

A/ We pay via Cash, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Q/ If I am paid by Bank Transfer when can I expect to receive the payment?

A/ All Bank Transfers are made the same day, and in most cases you will receive payment the same day, but it can take up until the close of business on the following working day to be credited to your account.

 To sell Gold,  Silver, Platinum etc to us, first get an idea of the value of your items by weighing them,  then use the gold &  silver calculator Then either Call In to our Counter Service   Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post   Call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form