Expand Your Possibilities with Our Expert Metals Testing Service

"Image of a sophisticated XRF testing machine in a professional setting at Birmingham Gold Company. The machine is shown analyzing a metal sample, illustrating the company's expanded services in precise metal testing for both precious and non-precious metals, catering to industrial and professional use. The background features a clean, well-organized lab environment, symbolizing the company's commitment to accuracy, expertise, and years of experience in metal analysis."

At Birmingham Gold Company, we're proud to have been offering precise metal testing services to the public for years, utilizing our sophisticated XRF testing machine. Building on this expertise, we're now excited to extend these services to meet the specific needs of industrial and professional sectors.

Why Our XRF Testing Service Stands Out?

  • Proven Expertise: Our journey began with testing jewelry for the public, and we're now leveraging our years of experience for broader industrial applications.
  • Comprehensive Metal Analysis: We test both precious and non-precious metals, delivering essential insights for various industrial and professional requirements.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: Our XRF testing machine provides exact and trustworthy results, vital for industrial quality control and decision-making.

Tailored Testing for Industrial and Professional Use

  • Whether it's for manufacturing, research, or quality assurance, our testing services are adaptable to a wide range of industrial needs.
  • We understand the critical role of metal testing in professional environments and are dedicated to meeting these demands with precision and care.

Contact Us for Specialized Service

  • Discuss your specific testing needs with us, and we'll tailor our services to offer the best solutions.
  • We're here to provide detailed information and answer any queries regarding our testing capabilities and pricing.

Get in Touch for Specialized Metal Testing

  • Phone: 0121 448 0488
  • Contact Person: Lionel
  • Pricing: Available upon request

Your trust in Birmingham Gold Company allows us to expand our services and expertise. Contact us today to see how our industrial and professional metal testing services can contribute to the success of your projects.