If you are in the trade looking to buy Gold & Silver then you have come to the right place. We sell Gold in three different forms ie 

1/ Refurbished Gold jewellery & objets 

In the Trade looking to buy Gold? We sell gold

We sell all repaired & refurbished gold and silver jewellery items at our calculator price plus at 15%. There is no tax to pay. Please visit our refurbished gold and silver jewellery for sale page 

2/ Gold & Silver  casting grain and squares


We sell a variety of gold, silver, platinum and palladium casting grain. Please visit our gold and silver casting grain shop.

3/ Gold & Silver Bullion. We sell gold and silver bullion. Please visit our gold and silver bullion store. 

 We sell Gold Bullion

NB We buy gold and silver from the Public and trade at market prices and  We recycle all gold and silver either by 

1/ Melting  items bought into gold and silver bars and selling them on to European precious metal refiners for final end-processing.They in turn provide us  either with funds for recycling or gold and silver bullion

2/ Recycling Items by melting and casting them into grain for re-use by the jewellery trade 

3/ Repairing and refurbishing some items for resale to the jewellery trade.