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Sell Gold & Silver UK Customers travel to us from all over the Uk to sell their gold. The reason is simple. We pay up to 50% more than local jewellers and gold-buyers. So its simple maths. Come and see us and sell your gold and silver items for the right price.

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Sell Gold & Silver UK Customers travel to us from all over the Uk to sell their gold. The reason is simple. We pay up to 50% more than local jewellers and gold-buyers. So its simple maths. Come and see us and sell your gold and silver items for the right price. Alternatively you can use Royal Mail's excellent trackable and insured Special delivery Service if you want to sell gold and silver but don't want to travel. But please be aware that we also buy Gold and Silver from all European countries including Spain, France, Germany, The Netherlands etc.

  Q. So what is the point in travelling hundreds of miles to sell gold,  scrap gold and silver to us in Birmingham?  A. Simply, when you sell gold, silver & platinum  to us,  you cut out the middleman ie your local jeweller / gold buyer who buys it from you & then sells it to gold companies like us. In the process they  often earn up to £4 a gram by just passing it on. If you have 100 grams or more of 9 carat  then you have lost up to £400 by simply not  coming to see us!  It could be double that for 18 carat. Deal direct with one of the most popular gold buyers in the UK & If you don't want to travel then post it to us using our secure postal service. Customers sell gold to us from afar as  Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, &  London  We consistently pay amongst highest & best true gold and precious metals prices to the Trade & Public in the UK. Paying on average 25% more than jewellers  we've paid out more than £16 million. We specialise not only in buying hallmarked gold but also unhallmarked items, asian gold  and of course industrial items whether Gold, Platinum, Palladium or Silver.. We don't  hide our scrap gold buyer prices, neither do we spam false sell gold reviews all over the Internet or use dubious gold price comparison websites .  Best place to sell gold? Best gold prices? Where can I sell my Gold? The   Birmingham Gold Company!

We have customers that regularly use and recommend us from all ove the UK, from Edingurgh and Glasgow to Cardiff and Swansea and from Leeds and Newcastle down to Birmingham and London

You may be looking to sell gold or silver and either trust the Post nor wish to travel. The best advice we can give to you is to get a price first from your local gold buyer and then phone us. You will be surprised, especially when you consider that your local jeweller sells directly to us ) well not just us , but there are only 3 or 4 decent gold buyers in the Uk and we are one of them!  Telephone us on 0121 448 0488 for more information. Don't foget to use the calculator to check prices. The price shown IS the price we pay

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Where is the best place to sell my Gold and Silver Jewellery? Which Gold Buyer? 

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When you want to sell your Gold, Silver or Platinum jewellery including rings, bracelets, chains etc you can either sell it to your local jeweller or a company like the Birmingham Gold Company.. You should be aware that specialized gold and silver bullion dealers like ourselves can pay up to 3 times more for your jewellery items than some local jewellers, antique dealers and gold shops. There are several reasons for this , but the key reason is that many local jewellers and antique dealers are in fact middlemen and send the gold on to companies like ours for processing and refining. That is why we urge you to cut out the middlemen and send or bring your gold and silver jewellery direct to us. As one of the Uk's busiest precious metals dealer we buy all types of gold, silver platinum and palladium at best prices.. As for auctions their fees can be as much as 30% and we more often than not give you a better return. 

Selling gold and silver jewellery can be a daunting task so why not just give us a call on 0121 448 0488 to discuss your jewellery selling requirements.   You can also get a price for your jewellery using our gold and precious metals price calculator

Non Gold /Silver metal/stones etc

NB we do not pay gold or silver price for springs, wire, stones, and metal in your Gold or Silver . We will deduct a fair weight for all non-gold /silver metal in your items in-line with industry practice. remember there are springs in clasps, wuite wires in bangles as gold and silver  is not flexible. Your gold and silver items might also have stones. we do offer good diamond prices for diamonds above 25 points.. Some of your items will be worth more than scrap  and NB We pay MORE than scrap for certain gold jewellery items 

Our Track Record...

So where Is The Best Place To Sell Gold & Silver Jewellery?  We believe we are!  and we have a track record to prove it, after 13 years and over £25million paid out !  Trying to sell your gold and silver jewellery for more than scrap? Gold and Silver prices are still high at the moment, despite what some local jewellers might tell you and we pay on average 50% more than local Jewellers and Gold Buyers, just check ourt our prices using our gold and precious metals price calculator We have excellent Google Reviews and we strive to pay the very best prices for Gold and Silver at all times. it is imperative that you get the very best prices for your gold and silver jewellery and other items. We always show our   actual prices, we do not make charges and when you visit us, we weigh your items right in front of you. You can be assured of the very best prices for your gold and silver from the   Birmingham Gold Company .  

Scrap Price vs Cash For Antique / Vintage Prices

 Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies not only do not publish their prices  they also offer considerably less than scrap. So if they can't re-sell your   item as vintage or antique they still earn  by selling the item to companies like us .  We pay the highest prices for antique, vintage and modern gold and silver jewellery and scrap. How? We will pay even more than scrap for the right antique, vintage or modern gold or silver item and without the heavy fees charged by ebay and auction houses. Click here for more details 


Sell Gold To To Local Jewellers / Gold Buyers?

Many local jewellers/ gold buyers pay up to £4 a gram lower than our gold buyer prices and some are less than fair See one of our Google reviews below and read more sell gold Google reviews here.


Sell Gold & Silver Coins - Birmingham's Coin Buyers

 Sell Gold Coins- Gold Coin Buyers

When you want to sell gold and silver coins, whether Sovereigns Guineas Krugerrand, Ducats Crowns Florins etc, we are your  first choice as coin buyers of all denominations and all periods. We won't reduce our price if your coin has scratches and we do not pay less than scrap price like so many coin-dealers do  who tend to offer below scrap so if they cannot sell them as collectables they sell them on to companies like ours.  We also do not have any charges / fees.Compare our prices to what you can get in auction /ebay. Don't forget to deduct auction house/ ebay fees and costs and you will quickly  realize that you will get more simply by selling to us. The fees these types of buyers charge often  makes it unfeasible for you to sell most gold coins through these sources. Of course while most gold coins are just in fact bullion,  your coin might just be rare enough for us to offer more than our calculator price for certain rare coins so do please contact us . Remember  if we are going to offer you more then condition beccomes vital. A coin that has been mounted or is damaged is scrap, not least because  there will be so many of the same coin out there in better condition for collectors to choose from .

To sell to us simply use the calculator above to get your price and then visit our how to sell to us page.  If you want more information or think you have a rare  coin give Lionel a call on either 0121 448 0488 or text to 07794 930978 OR chat to us  . If you have silver coins then visit our silver coins page  

NB. Looking to sell a vintage or old watch as well as Jewellery ?

 Sell your vintage and old watchWe are not just buyers of Gold and Silver jewellery and scrap. We also buy all old watches working or not provided they are not battery (quartz) watches. The gents watch you are trying to sell   may be anything from a Rolex to a Timex and we will buy it, Gold, Silver Stainless Steel and Rolled Gold. We also buy Pocket Watches . 

To sell your old, vintage or unwanted watch either Call In to Sell your vintage watch or post your vintage watch to us or tel 0121 448 0488. Remember we buy all old and vintage watches  providing they are not battery/quartz watches. We do not buy ladies watches however, unless they are a recognized brand. Pocket watches are a speciality of ours whwther gold, silver or stainless steel. Sell any Rolex, IWC, Omega, Longines, Jaeger, Cartier, and any vintage watch. Selling a pocket watch or wristwatch? We are Buyers of Wristwatches,  Pocket Watches and Pocket Watch Cases, not just by  makers such as Rolex, Omega, IWC, Longines, Cartier, Waltham, Elgin, Vertex,  but also many others.   We pay the best and highest top UK prices for all watches we require. NB we do NOT make high offers on the phone only to reduce them when you send in your watch. We do not operate this practice and all watch sellers  should be aware of this on the Internet   


Two Ways to Sell Coins, Watches & Unwanted Gold & Silver Jewellery & Scrap To Us  

1/ Counter Service. (cash/cheque/transfer) - Sell Gold, Gold jewellery, Silver, Platinum / Palladium & Watches in person Open To The Public: Tues, Wed, Thurs  & Fridays 8.30AM-2.00PM. (NB Mondays are trade processing days by prior arrangement.) You can call-in or book a private  appointment. Alternatively Sell gold by post   

2/  Postal Service. (cheque/transfer) - Sell gold, platinum, palladium silver & watches by post. Use the popular safe secure trackable Special Delivery postal service Click here to sell your Gold / Silver etc by Post  or Tel 0121 448 0488. Now re-imbursing all gold postage costs.

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