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Gold price Falls back A Little - A Good Time To Sell? - 01/08/2019

Gold price Falls back A Little - A Good Time To Sell? - 01/08/2019

The Gold price fell to a two-week low as whilst the fed did as they said they would do ie cut US Interest rates by 25 points they also made it clear that this cut was an insurance policy only. Market expectation with accompanied uncertainty, that there would be a series of interest rates cuts seems to be  unfounded . The Dollar rose to a two year high. Silver also fell to a two week low, and platinum to a 1 week low. is this the end of the recent Gold Bull run? In our opinion, not a chance as US/China trade talks end with no sign of progress and continuing world economic and political instabilities continue to make gold appear a welcome e safe haven.Sure Gold might bounce around a little in the next few days but the price still looks bullish   

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