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Gold Hits Yet Another High - Sell Now? - 13/08/2019

Gold hit a new high overnight, much as we have been predicting, due to several economic factors. Besides the concern around Hong Kong, and of course the weakening pound due to Brexit, there has been a slump in Argentina's markets and the ongoing US and China trade war has dented the appetite for risk, globally. Argentina's stock market slumped by 38%! In the UK Gold rose 0.5% to £1255 an ounce , Silver also rose to £14.42 per ounce

Gold looks like a safe bet for the short-term, given global economic and political problems This is a great time to sell your gold and silver, jewellery and scrap. Gold is so high at the moment that trying to sell your old worn jewellery as items runs the risk that you will be offered less than scrap value, especially by local jewellers.  It is a great time to sell your gold to The Birmingham Gold Company here is why....

Transparent Gold & Silver Prices

Looking to sell Gold? Unlike many gold buyers, we do not post on our precious metals calculator "up to" prices, the price you see is the price you pay. Some companies even show the spot price for Gold, but when you actually speak to them, the price they actually pay is far below spot price. Avoid any company that hides their gold price or misrepresents it in any way. Clearly you will not be getting a good deal.

Using an online gold price calculator? When you want to sell your gold or silver, you want the best price for your jewellery and items, beware of these tricks from gold buyers.

The Gold Fix Trick

Be aware that many gold companies today are using a little trick to catch you out. Whilst we publish the actual price we pay on our gold price calculator many companies simply display the global market (ie spot or the fix ) for gold, (which even whole countries cannot get when they sell their gold!). They do not pay that amount as the small print reveals later, and if they did they would make no profit and therefore not be in business,but the fact is that you can be enticed by this trick and get far less than you bargained for. Always check that the price advertised is the price that you will receive for gold and silver.

The "Up To" Trick

When you want to sell your gold other companies quote an "up to" price, which is just as deceptive as the first "sell your gold to us " trick. You need accurate prices not vague guidelines promises, nor innacurate promises. These companies quote an "up to" price only because they are too embarrased to quote the true price they are offering for your gold. Avoid at all costs

The "No calculator / No published gold prices" Trick

Even worse some gold and silver buyers show no prices on their website making claims such as we will buy your gold and silver as items and so on. These companies are amongst the biggest rip offs in the UK and we have heard many horror stories as to how they offer less than 20% of the scrap value, only increasing their offer when pushed. if you are looking to sell gold or silver and are enticed by such a company, at least get a price from us first so you know the true value of your items. then if you really want to send off your items to these types of companies make sure you can demand your items back when the scandalous offer is received. these gold buyers and vintage buyers don't publish their prices for a very good reason

We Buy Your Gold as Jewellery Items Not Scrap Trick

Many jewellers cash-for vintage jewellery companies and gold buyers promise that they will buy your gold and silver jewellery as "items" rather than for scrap then pay well below scrap for the item in question in the process "ripping you off". It is an old trick and one that can cost you. Remember these companies do not publish their gold prices and also that we will pay more than scrap for certain items if they are undamaged, the hallmarks are not worn, the stones are not chipped and there is a demand for your item.

NB Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies not only do not publish their prices they also offer considerably less than scrap. So if they can't re-sell your item as vintage or antique they still earn by selling the item to companies like us . We pay the highest prices for antique, vintage and modern gold and silver jewellery and scrap. How? We will pay even more than scrap for the right antique, vintage or modern gold or silver item and without the heavy fees charged by ebay and auction houses.Many local jewellers/ gold buyers pay up to £4 a gram lower than our gold buyer prices and some are less than fair See some of our Google reviews below.

Small Overheads, No Fancy Frills

Walk in to sell your gold and silver into a fancy building with lots of staff and the first thing that should cross your mind is "How are they paying for all this! Clearly YOU the customer will be paying for it, so beware. Lots of staff cost lots of wages and these have to be funded somehow. Currently in the UK all the best gold buying businesses keep their overheads low. At the Birmingham Gold Company, we keep our overheads to the bare minimum, allowing us to be able to offer more for your gold and silver . remember also that fancy websites cost a huge amount of money in terms of design and maintenance. Ask yourself who exactly is paying for that! Biggest and fanciest is not the best, someone has to pay for all that ..

Google Reviews

There are a lot of review websites out there and you will have come across them, no doubt with some cynicism. Some of these review sites have been guilty in the past of allowing businesses to remove negative reviews, and businesses have also been able to buy huge numbers of fake reviews Read more about fake gold and silver reviews here We, at The Birmingham Gold Company only use Google Reviews, which cannot be bought nor faked and most importantly we do NOT have any ability to remove negative reviews, which is Google's policy. The result is that our reviews are fair and honest, which is important to you when making the decision where to sell your gold and silver. Read our reviews here

An Honest and Transparent Service

We WILL sort out the various carats of gold you have. We WILL weigh your items in front of you and not in a back room and we WILL give you an honest and transparent gold buying service. We have served over 25,000 customers and paid out more than £30million to the General Public, over 13 years, so we must be doing something right!.

Word Of Mouth Recommendations.

Besides our excellent Google reviews our customers also spread the word about the service and prices they have received from us. You can trust these recommendations and we estimate that 70% of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations. If these customers are happy with our service, you will be too.

So Why Sell Your Gold To The Birmingham Gold Company
You want to sell your gold or scrap gold for the best cash price. We buy all types of gold and we pay the highest cash price per gram. At the Birmingham Gold Company our simple philosophy is "Pay our customers more than anyone else and ultimately have more customers". The Birmingham Gold Company has a fantastic reputation and have served over 5000 happy customers all wanting to sell gold for the best price in the UK. Our customers have come from all over the country, most from word-of-mouth recommendation.

There are 12 key reasons for using us
1/ The Price - We pay the best prices for all types of gold & scrap gold.
2/ The lack of Any Fees - We don't charge anything No refining fees no commissions nothing. we don't even charge for returning non-gold items to you. A first perhaps?
3/ We weigh everything in front of you. If you use our postal service you'll get a photo of course showing your items weights on our Trading Standards Approved Scales.
4/ We use Trading Standards Scales
5/ We pay cash
6/ We pay cash quickly via special delivery
7/We work quickly & professionally to ensure you get a fast service.
8/ We care about our customers.
9/ 25000+ happy customers
10/ Our Trained Staff.
11/ Our Transparency.
The whole transaction, all the checking for carat, weighing of your items and the maths relating to the cash payment is done in front of you. Use our eye-glasses if you want, and borrow our calculator. Its all there for you to see.
12. We believe we pay the best true gold prices in the the Public.
We believe The Public should receive a straight honest service & be paid top prices for their gold. Our growth has in the main been due to personal word-of mouth recommendation.So thank you all of you!! 

To sell Gold, Silver, Platinum etc to us, first read our sell gold / silver guide then use our Calculator and finally either Call In to our Counter Service, OR Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post. You can also call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form .

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 To sell Gold,  Silver, Platinum etc to us, first read our sell gold / silver guide then use our Calculator and finally  either Call In to our Counter Service,  OR Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post.  You can also call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form .  A quick efficient fair service. No frills, no charm, no del-boys

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