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Jewellery Scrap

 Sell Vintage & Modern Silver Jewellery For the Best Prices

Would you rather sell your silver jewellery based on a firm transparent price like we offer or sell it to a vintage cash for jewellery company that makes vague promises? TIP: Never sell silver jewellery to any Vintage Company that does not publish its silver prices clearly on their website, as we do! Where is the best place to sell silver and antique silver jewellery? Who pays the best price for silver jewellery? At the Birmingham Gold and Silver Companies we pay up to twice what local jewellers and dealers pay for silver jewellery.

Sell your Silver Jewellery To Us For More Than Scrap.

NB An Important Word About "Scrap" Silver Price

"My Silver Jewellery  is not Scrap!"  What is Scrap Silver

What Silver jewellery Can I Sell? Vintage & Modern


Avoid Jewellers and Vintage Cash for Silver Buyers 

You may be tempted to send your silver jewellery to vintage cash for silver buying companies that advertise heavily online. NB We have heard that they offer well below scrap for silver jewellery even though they go to great lengths to pretend that they pay more They do not. Not only that, they do not even advertise the price they pay for items whereas our online calculator is clear and transparent. We have heard many horror stories about the poor offers these vintage cash companies offer even with their fancy literature.

Check out their name at Money saving Expert for example and as for reviews, they use companies like Trustpilot, and can remove negative reviews especially those relating to the poor cash offers made for silver jewellery.

So instead got to Google Places enter the company's name  and check out their reviews there. Google reviews  cannot be doctored


Sell your Silver Jewellery To Us For More Than Scrap.

We pay a high scrap price for all types of Silver Jewellery, however as from the 04/09/2018 if you have more than 500 grams of silver  that include stones, we would be more than happy to pay you our excellent silver rates for the full weight of your silver jewellery items ie no weight deductions for stones, instead we will be paying silver weight for these stones and semi-precious gems. That is an offer you cannot refuse! if your gross weight of modern or antiques silver jewellery is above 500 grams ie the total weight of your items, then we will be happy to pay you the extra. NB to claim the weight for stones in silver, Items MUST be hallmarked


Scrap silver is an unfortunate term. Some customers who want to sell silver think it refers to broken and damaged silver, perhaps also industrial silver but in fact "scrap silver" is a term which is used in the trade to apply to all silver items that are worth more for their metal than they are as items. This is how we pay more for silver than your local antique dealer.. Many so-called antique items and old items are actually worth more for their silver weight BUT your local antique dealer is not under any obligation to take the metal price into consideration and they  often make an offer for an antique item BELOW the metal weight, so if they can't sell it as an item they can scrap it in with companies such as ours..  Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised how much more than antique value, they get for their items. Scrap does not mean a basement price.

You may well be aware that stones used in silver are often for decoration only ie they have no real value on their own, however paying silver value for these stones if you have over 500 grams of these items gives you an extra incentive and extra money when you sell your silver jewellery to us. These stones can include anything from rose and smoky quartz through to czs and the very inexpensive white sapphires.

We buy all types of silver jewellery whether sterling ie 925 or foreign silver ie 800 835, 900 etc  We also buy vintage sterling silver jewellery as well as more modern examples. We buy all types of silver jewellery including silver rings, bangles, pendants, bracelets necklaces erarrings etc. 

In recent times many vintage silver buyers have set up with the aim of trying to buy silver items at below scrap price, the point being that if they cannot be sold as items they can at least be sold to companies like us and a profit is still made. Any savvy customer looking to sell their silver jewellery would be wise to cut out these middlemen and sell their silver jewellery items directly to us. we all know that silver jewellery goes in and out of fashion but the old silver jewellery items you have lying around still have a high value.

"My Silver Jewellery is not Scrap!"  What is Scrap Silver

You might have a silver  item you think is too good to be scrapped  There are items of silver that are worth more than just scrap. We will pay more than our published scrap prices for certain items, but be aware that our scrap price is higher than most antique dealers want to pay for items.  They want to buy it for less than scrap so that if they cannot sell it as an antique they will scrap it with companies like ourselves. The word scrap is unfortunate. It means metal price and scrap metal silver  price has been and still is very high. Its thanks to companies like us that The Public has finally been achieving a fair price for their silver . Often as not the scrap price, based on weight  is higher than the item would be worth as an antique

Please also bear in mind antique silver is not particularly in demand anymore, the younger generations show little interest and yet a valuable silver antique will command a high price. The item will be rare, collectable and sought after by dealers. In oher word it wll be something special and unique.  

If the silver item you think is worth more than its scrap weight  and does not have dints, dings, scratches, gouges dents  or general wear we may be interested in buying it. If it has age and the hallmarks (it should have some type of hallmark) are undamaged we will be more interested and if the item is not engraved we would be yet more keen to offer more. If its a coin then the same applies.   
Remember most silver items are worth more for their scrap weight/price than their antique value. Get a price from your local antique dealer first if in doubt.  The next thing you should do  is to get the  scrap price by using the calculator on the left of this page. You will find out more about selling a non-scrap item if you follow the links on each page 

What Silver jewellery Can I Sell? Vintage & Modern

Simply put we buy all types of silver jewellery. remember that silver jewellery van either be fully hallmarked with the lion stamp, makers mark etc eg


OR it may simply have 925 stamped on it. Whilst hallmarking fakes are very rare some jewellery stamped with 925 only may not be real so it is worth sending it in for testing. Chances are it is genuine especially if the 925 stamp looks clean and clear. fakes are few and far between. We will buy all types of Silver Jewellery. 

Non Gold /Silver metal/stones etc

NB we do not pay gold or silver price for springs, wire, stones, and metal in your Gold or Silver . We will deduct a fair weight for all non-gold /silver metal in your items in-line with industry practice. remember there are springs in clasps, wuite wires in bangles as gold and silver  is not flexible. Your gold and silver items might also have stones. we do offer good diamond prices for diamonds above 25 points.

Selling silver to us is straightforward. To find out how to sell your silver to us please visit our sell silver page

 Sell Gold Jewellery & Scrap 

 OFFICEBGCGINALGold, Silver & Watch Buyers. Sell Gold, Scrap Gold & Gold Jewellery as well as Platinum, Palladium, Silver including Silver Jewellery & Watches eg Omega & Rolex at the Best Prices. No charges. Tel  0121 448 0488. Opening Hours: By Appointment Only.   Alternatively Sell Gold by Post  

 We pay the highest & best true gold & silver prices to the UK Public, paying over 25% more than most jewellers. To date we have paid out c.£30million for Gold, Silver, Platinum, antique, vintage or modern jewellery or scrap & of course for watches, gold or non-gold   watches! NB Gold & Silver scrap prices are often more than antique dealers / jewellers / vintage cash buyers pay for your jewellery etc. Scrap gold price is NOT bottom price! Its often more than you'd get on ebay or at an auction house, after hefty fees!!  NB we don't pay   gold price for metal wires, springs, strengtheners  fillers, stones etc. We also buy Asian, foreign & unhallmarked Gold, which will require testing. The UK Hallmark is THE standard & UK Law. Our trained staff are ethical, knowledgeable & here to help you. We are a UK VAT registered company. Looking to sell your gold? read our "sell your gold guide" 



Two ways to Sell Gold & Silver 

Newbgclogo1 1/ Counter Service. (cash/cheque/transfer) - Sell Gold, Gold jewellery, Silver, Platinum / Palladium & Watches  in person. Our counter is open  By Appointment Only. Alternatively Sell gold by post   

 2/  Postal Service. (cheque/transfer) - Sell gold, platinum, palladium silver &  watches by post. Use the popular safe secure trackable Special Delivery postal service Click here to sell your Gold / Silver etc by Post  or Tel 0121 448 0488

  Q. Why sell gold jewellery, scrap gold and silver to us in Birmingham?  A. Simply to cut out the middleman ie your local jeweller / gold buyer /  vintage buyer / antique dealer who buys it from you for less than scrap price, then sells it to gold buyers like us, for up to £4 a   gram profit. If you have 100 grams of 9 carat  then you could lose up to £400 by not using us and double that for 18 carat. Deal direct with THE gold buyer. Customers sell gold to us from afar as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, &  London. Our gold prices are transparent and our Google reviews cannot be hidden or vetted. 

 Sell Your Gold & Scrap Gold To The Gold Buyers 


We buy all Gold throughout the UK. Whether gold jewellery, scrap gold, (see below) Industrial scraps  or even unhallmarked gold, we'll buy it all. Selling or thinking of how to sell your gold?  Looking for the best place to sell Gold and Gold jewellery? Types of Gold we buy include:  antique, vintage and modern Gold Jewellery & Scrap Gold, Asian Gold, Foreign and Unhallmarked Gold, Gold Bars, Dental Gold, Gold Coins and Medals, all Gold Watches, rolled gold and gold filled ,  We  buy all carats of gold ie 9,10,14,15,15,18, 21,22 and 24 carat.  At the Birmingham Gold Company we  test and buy Asian, foreign and unhallmarked  gold and pay you according to the carat . Example £100 worth of 9 carat gold would be worth £200 if it was 18 carat.

Nitonweb All Gold and Silver testing is done via two methods ie  the traditional "acid" test and via our Niton XRF analyser, the industry standard for the testing of gold, silver and platinum,  purity and carat.

 Sell  Silver To The Silver Buyers


Want to sell Silver? Silver jewellery, Silver coins?  The best place to sell Silver? As leading Silver buyers we buy all types of silver in the UK, best silver prices paid. Silver items we buy include British & Foreign Silver coins, Silver Jewellery,  Tea Sets, Silver flatware, cutlery & industrial Silver.  We buy all grades of silver from 800 foreign silver to 925 sterling silver & pure silver coins & industrial silver.  NB  As at 02/03/2019 we were paying 20x face value for 50% coins & 40x face value for 925 or sterling coins. For more info read our silver page here....or tel 0121 448 0488.

Where We Buy Gold & Silver -  Gold Buyers

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We do not have branches all over the UK, as the overhead would reduce the price for Gold we coud pay our customers. Trade and Public customers sell gold & silver to us,  from all over the UK, cutting out the middleman and getting hundreds of pounds extra.  Gold sellers  have travelled to us from afar as  Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton, Swansea, Truro, York, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh & Glasgow . NB we also buy Gold & Silver from the EU eg France, Spain, Italy etc

Sell Antique, Vintage & Modern Gold & Silver Jewellery

Scrap Gold Pocket Watches2Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies not only do not publish their prices they  offer considerably less than scrap, so if they can't re-sell your item as vintage or antique they still earn by selling the item for scrap. Cut Out The Middleman!   We pay the highest prices for antique, vintage and modern gold and silver jewellery and scrap. How? We don't charge the heavy fees charged by ebay and auction houses.