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Where is the best place to sell Gold, Gold and Silver Jewellery and scrap? The Birmingham Gold CompanyTM !

Sell Gold and Scrap Gold To The Gold Buyers

Ready to sell your gold and silver? The first step is to get a price for your gold or silver. Weigh your gold and use our gold and precious metals price calculator NB Don't be fooled by websites showing "live market or spot prices" This is not the price they will pay. Make sure the price you get using a gold calculator is the price you will be paid not just the market "spot price" Our gold calculator shows the price we pay.  if you are unsure what to do then please read our Sell Gold Guide


NB Is My Gold & Silver Jewellery Worth More Than Scrap? 

Gold Ring -Damaged ie Scrap

 Now we do pay more than scrap for certain items but please read on so you understand how it works. You may well value some of your jewellery items as being worth more than scrap. Deciding what gold items to sell for scrap is a difficult decision but this article has been written to guide you. After all nothing is more soul-destroying than spending huge amounts of valuable time and effort trying to sell your Gold and Silver jewellery items and meeting with negativity.

There are three main factors to take into account when deciding whether a Gold or Silver ring, necklace, bracelet etc is worth more than scrap. The first is condition,   the second is the type of hallmark and the third is market demand. 

Let's look at each of these factors in turn  




1/ Condition. 

damaged gold sapphire ring

 Condition is everything with regard to Gold jewellery. remember that any jeweller will examine a piece of jewellery under a high-powered magnifying glass or loupe. . Gold and Silver jewellery may be scratched, chipped, misshapen, with a worn  shank in the case of a ring or worn links in the case of a necklace or bracelet. The hallmarks can also wear down and be illegible in some cases. 


If the ring has stones then the condition of these stones must also be taken into account. Even diamonds can be scratched or chipped and many softer stones wear badly . Diamonds Rubies and Emeralds are the top-value stones but if they are damaged their value plummets . Diamond retailers make a colossal profit when they sell diamonds, sometimes in excess of 1000% and tiny diamond chips or very small stones have little value in today's marketplace, especially when you consider any jeweller can buy diamonds from a diamond wholesaler at a fraction of the price a similar diamond might have cost you.  




jeweller examing a piece of jewellery through a loupeReturning to the matter at hand, the problem is that it costs a lot of money to refurbish a piece of Gold or Silver jewellery and you must take this into account if trying to sell privately. private Buyers will examine every facet of the item and a small scratch can make a sale difficult. At the same time you also face the ususal hassle of finding a private buyer and online selling fees (eg ebay) can be very high. Refurbishing a stone or a shank  can both be costly. 




2/ The Type of Hallmark

  hallmarks1 1 Many gold and silver jewellery items that you own, such as rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces etc may not be fully hallmarked. They may also have a foreign hallmark. Be aware that any type of hallmark other than a full UK hallmark makes it difficult to sell your item on to a private buyer, because only a full hallmark is proof that the purity of the gold content has been tested by an Assay office. The assay is an independent Govt body and is to be trusted, as opposed to jewellers stamping their own manufactured items.  For more information about the importance of hallmarking please refer to our gold and silver hallmarking article  Be especially careful when trying to sell Gold that has a foreign hallmark eg 14k 18k 22k or 14ct 18ct 22ct etc because in many countries around the world the hallmarking laws are far less strict than in the Uk. We have had for example Gold rings being brought in to us with a 22k mark stamped on them and they have been xrf-analysed at less than 17 carat. Please refer to this article on Gold Hallmarking. If in doubt phone us on 0121 448 0488 for advice. 



3/ Market Demand.  

  The Demand For Gold Jewellery The third factor is of course market demand. fashions and tastes change and many Gold and Silver jewellery items simply fall out of fashion. At the same time many people shun pre-owned jewellery items as they prefer to buy new.  Consider what age group would be interested in purchasing your Gold and Silver jewellery item and remember that certain older age-groups are no longer in the market for jewellery. The key purchase group by age and disposable income is currently the 35-50 age group. Remember also that most stones in 9 carat gold are not valuable. More valuable stones are normally set in 18 carat or Platinum.

Of course there is always a market for certain antique and vintage items of jewellery, especially vintage named items eg by Asprey, Tiffany, Cartier etc and these items are certainly not scrap UNLESS they are in rough or damaged condition. 



It is a given fact that you must maximise your return when you want to sell your antique, vintage and modern gold and silver jewellery. However look at all those jewellery items that you value more than scrap and check the condition of the metal and the stones first after which you should be realistic as to the chances of the demand for the item in question being strong enough for you to sell it on. 

Remember as we say on our website ..."...Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies not only do not publish their prices  they also offer considerably less than scrap. So if they can't re-sell your item as vintage or antique they still earn  by selling the item to companies like us .  We pay the highest prices for antique, vintage and modern gold and silver jewellery and scrap. How? We will pay even more than scrap for the right antique, vintage or modern gold or silver item and without the heavy fees charged by ebay and auction houses..."  

For more information visit our Sell Gold & Silver Antique, Vintage & Moden Jewellery Page 



Selling Your Scrap Gold to us in Birmingham

Sell your Gold, Jewellery and ScrapYou can either post your gold to us (sell gold by post click here )  OR make an appointment to sell in person  (Tues-Thurs  9.30-3.30)  We have customers all over the Uk coming to us in Birmingham to sell their gold, scrap gold and silver,Trade & Public.  We are right in the middle of Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter, right where your local jeweller, gold buyer goes to to sell their gold to companies like us!! * . Its a straightforward process, the price on the calculator is the price we pay and we can pay cash or bank transfer, you choose!. We do not charge any fees whatsoever and your item are weighed and evaluated right in front of you.  We buy all gold & silver items, from jewellery to cutlery, from antiques to industrial items, all carats and purity. We even buy gold-plate and rolled gold items so please bring them together with the  gold and silver items  you want to sell

*Its a fact that travelling to us in Birmingham to sell gold will reward you with a much better price for your gold as you will be cutting out the middleman ie your local gold buyer or jeweller. Its quite simple. They buy gold and silver from you, and drive it down to gold buyers in Birmingham, earning their "cut" in the process. Their "cut" can be as much as £4 a gram, not bad for a few gallons of petrol so if you have 100 grams of gold you will be losing up to £400, something no-one can afford to do in this day and age"

Where We Buy Gold Scrap Gold - Birmingham & the UK

Get your gold and silver together, bring it direct to us in the heart of Birmingham and get the right sell gold price for your gold items...Customers have travelled to us as gold buyers, from all over the UK, to sell gold  from places such as .... Aberdeen Aberystwyth  Basildon Basingstoke Bath Belfast Birkenhead  Blackburn Blackpool Bolton Bournemouth Bradford Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Carlisle Chelmsford Cheltenham Chester Chichester Colchester Coldfield Coventry Crawley Derby Derry Doncaster Dover Dudley Dundee Durham East Kilbride Eastbourne Edinburgh Ely Exeter Gateshead Gillingham Glasgow Gloucester Guildford Halifax Harrogate Hereford Huddersfield Hull Inverness Ipswich Lancaster Leeds Leicester Lichfield Lincoln Lincoln & Newark Lisburn Liverpool London Luton Maidstone Middlesbrough Milton Keynes Newcastle Newport Newry Northampton Norwich Nottingham Oldham Oxford Paisley Peterborough Plymouth Poole Portsmouth Preston Reading Ripon Rochdale Rochester Rotherham Salford Salisbury Scotland Sheffield Shrewsbury Slough Solihull South Shields Southampton Southend Southport Stafford St. Albans St. Davids St. Helens Stirling Stockport Stoke Sunderland Swansea Swindon Telford Truro Wakefield Wales Walsall Warwick Warrington Watford Wells West Bromwich Westminster Wetherby Wigan Winchester Wolverhampton Worcester Worthing Wrexham York...

Selling UK Gold & Silver? - Finding Our Gold Counter


We are at 94 Vyse, St Hockley Birmingham B18 6JZ. right in the heart of Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter, and opposite the Jewellery Quarter Railway Station . We are on the corner of Vyse St and Hockley St. Give us a ring on 0121 448 0488 if you require further directions. 

If you're not sure where Hockley is in Birmingham, then the map below should be of help.  

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Need more info on the types of gold we buy? 


sell gold and gold jewellery for bgest pricesWhether scrap gold (see below) or even unhallmarked gold, or rolled gold or gold-filled  we'll buy it.  We buy all types of gold, including  Gold Jewellery, Asian Gold Jewellery, Gold Bars, Dental Gold, Sovereign coins, Krugerrands, American Gold Coins, Australian Gold Coins, Chinese Gold, Indian Gold, Italian Gold, Turkish Gold, Gold Watches, Industrial Gold scrap rolled gold and gold filled of course, In fact the lot! Again we  buy all carats of gold ie 9, 10, 14, 15, 15, 18, 21, 22  and 24 carat. There are companies that will only pay you the value of 9 carat gold for your 14, 18, 22, 24 carat foreign gold. This is incorrect. At the Birmingham Gold Company we will simply test your foreign gold and pay you according to the carat of gold. Example £100 worth of 9 carat gold would be worth £200 if it was 18 carat. & WE ALSO BUY UNHALLMARKED GOLD We specialise in Asian gold. we are fully aware that many items are not UK hallmarked and sometimes even have no hallmark at all.  

Scrap gold is an unfortunate term. Some think it refers to broken and damaged gold , perhaps also industrial gold but in fact "scrap gold" is a term which is used in the trade to apply to all gold items that are worth more for their metal than they are as items. Given that the price of gold is so high and also that gold jewellery demand is in decline, many so-called antique & jewellery items and old items are actually worth more for their gold weight BUT your local antique dealer or jeweller is not under any obligation to take the metal price into consideration and they  often make an offer for an antique or jewellery item BELOW the metal weight, so if they can't sell it as an item, they can make money by scrapping it in.  Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised how much more than antique or jewellery value, they actually get for their items.

sell gold jewellery and scrap gold pic.2So we Buy Gold Jewellery 
Gold Jewellery and Watches, Gold Rings, Gold Earrings, Gold Chains, Gold Bracelets, Gold Pendants, Gold Anklets, Gold Necklaces, Gold Bangles, Gold Watches, If you want to sell any Gold items you no longer require give us a call today on 0121 448 0488 or just call in to see us for The Best Price For Gold in the Birmingham area. We also buy the following items
Scrap Gold
We urgently require Broken Gold, remember when Selling Gold, broken or not it has the same value regardless of its condition as it should be bought in weight rather than quality. Birmingham Gold Company always pay the same top rate for broken or non broken gold.
Gold Coins & Medals
We buy all gold coins & medals  and unlike many of our competitors we are not bothered about condition. We buy Sovereigns, Krugerrands, eagles, maples, pandas Britannias and indeed all gold coins. Telephone us on 0121 448 0488 for more information.
Asian & Foreign Gold
We buy all types of Asian and Foreign Gold, We pay the best prices for it in Birmingham and we DO NOT charge refining fees or any other kind of fee, The price we quote is the price you receive, Give us a call to sell gold for cash in Birmingham.0121 448 0488.
We buy Indian Gold, Middle eastern Gold, European Gold, Turkish Gold and Chinese Gold Please phone for details  
Gold Bars, Ingots & Nuggets We buy all gold bars, nuggets and ingots from 1 gram up to 5 kilo bars. Please Phone for details
Gold & Non-Gold Watches

We urgently require working or broken watches, gold or not including Rolex, Omega, IWC, Cartier,  Breitling watches . We pay top prices in cash with no postal risks, so please give us a call for a quote on 0121 448 0488. All phone cash offers are, of course, subject to viewing the watch.
Antique & Misc Gold Items We also buy all gold antique items including cigarette cases, cutlery, plates, flatware etc 

Industrial Gold

Including sweeps, scrap, dust etc Please phone for details 

Gold Plated/Rolled Gold Items
This includes items marked 1/5th or 1/10th metal core OR rolled gold OR gold filled OR gold plated. Please phone if you are unsure! WE ALSO BUY ALL GOLD FILLED/ ROLLED GOLD POCKET WATCHES...


For more information visit our Sell Gold & Silver Antique, Vintage & Moden Jewellery Page  

Sell Gold Jewellery & Bullion. 

Sell Gold, Jewellery Diamonds & Coins,  Silver & watches In Person or via Post Sell Gold & Silver jewellery, Bullion & Watches. Gold & Silver Buyers.  We pay MORE than scrap for certain gold jewellery & pay top prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium, Diamonds.Coins & Bullion, Jewellery& Scrap in the UK. We also pay top prices for Watches & Pocket-Watches eg Rolex, Omega & most others, gold or not. We buy foreign & unhallmarked Gold & probate. As Gold & Silver recyclers our  prices can be 50% more than jewellers & antique dealers & more than you'd get from ebay or auction houses after hefty fees!!   

sell gold and silver bullion, bars and coins to Birmingham Gold Company

Sell Gold & Silver Bullion. We are also very keen to buy all types of Gold & Silver bullion from bars to coins including Sovereigns, Krugerrands Britannias etc. Situated in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, we've paid out over c.£35million to thousands of satisfied customers. We are ethical, knowledgeable & here to help you. We provide a safe & secure selling environment for you & we work right in front of you, no distractions. ie your items are visible to you at all times.  Pho 0121 448 0488 for info. . Get a Price For Your Gold and Silver

How To Sell Gold & Silver To Us 

Buyers of Gold & Silver Coins Jewellery & Scrap

 1/ Our Counter Service - Safe, secure discreet, private space. (cash/transfer). Sell Gold, Gold Jewellery, Diamonds, Silver, Platinum / Palladium & Watches in person. Open To The Public: Mondays to Fridays, 8.00 AM-1.45 PM. (NB Open for  Industrial Processing Mondays and all afternoons by prior arrangement).You can call-in or book a private appointment. No fees or charges.


Sell Gold & Silver by post to Birmningham Gold Co2/ Our Postal Service - Safe, secure & reliable. (cheque/transfer) - Sell Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, Palladium Silver & watches via Royal Mail's secure & trackable Special Delivery Postal Service.   Click here to sell your Gold / Silver etc by Post or tel 0121 448 0488...Customers sell gold to us from afar as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, & London & like our transparent gold prices & unvetted/unvettable google reviews.Get a Price For Your Gold and Silver Here No fees or charges NB We do not send out fancy packs. Do you know that companies charge you for this hidden in their T&Cs?

Sell Antique / Vintage Gold Jewellery

Sell a Diamond. Buyers Of & Paying The Best Prices For Large Diamonds & Antique Jewellery When you want to sell, we pay the best prices for antique, vintage & modern gold and silver jewellery & diamonds, in particular large diamonds, emeralds, rubies & of course designer & Antique Jewellery names eg Cartier . We have NO  fees like ebay & auction houses  (c30%) & if your item is worth more than scrap ie undamaged & in demand then we'll offer more.For more info please read how to sell your gold jewellery for more than scrap price  We only offer on certain items.

Sell Gold Via XRF Analysis We buy all Gold throughout the UK incl. gold jewellery, scrap gold, (see below) Industrial scraps  or even unhallmarked gold, . All Gold and Silver testing is done via two methods ie the traditional "acid" test & via our Niton XRF analyser, the industry standard for the testing of gold, silver & platinum,  purity & carat. Get a Price For Your Gold & Silver Here.

 Precious Metals Dealer, Processor, Recycler SSL protected - Gold Standard - More than 10 Years in business Buy and sell gold, silver and platinum   The Birmingham Gold CompanyTM

Precious Metals Dealer, Processor &  Recycler 


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