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Seen a better gold price than ours?. That takes some doing as we pay around 97% of the gold fix and sell at around 98%(No business receives more than 99% of the fix.) Reading on will help you to understand what is and isn't a genuine gold price out there

In a competitive market there are companies around who artificially inflate their offers to get an edge. In the UK Gold and Silver Buying Industries, which are unregulated at the moment, this practice is rife.

A quick trawl on the Internet reveals huge differences in the prices offered for your gold and silver BUT the wise seller can avoid the rip-off merchants by following these simple steps.


The chart below is live and up to date. This is your starting point...

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Note the sterling £ price is for pure or 24 carat gold and is per kilo


In order to work out the Market trading price of gold per gram for 9 carat I would first divide the figure we have by 1000 ( a kilo =1000 grams) and then by 24 and finally multiply by 9


Remember the chart above is live.. On the 03/3/12 for example the price was £34,711 per kilo of pure gold

£34,711/1000 = £34.71 A GRAM  Now divide by 24 and multiply by 9= £13.01 per gram of 9 carat

Now calculate the Gold price Yourself t today's price Remember you are calculating 100% of the gold price, who could pay that? and make no profit at all?


Typically good, reputable gold-buyers buy   gold from the Public at  around 96% of the fix Any more than that they would not be in business for long. .

Now calculate the actual price you would be paid by a reputable dealer on the day by taking the price you have just calculated and multiplying it by 0.96 You are receiving 96% from us  Along with most UK Gold buyers we sell to the refiner, in bulk at 98%  We make 2%


If you see a price way above ours then ask yourself how is that company making any money. margins are tight and any company posting a price equal to or within 3% of the fix is probably  best avoided.  There are refiners who pay the Trade this sort of amount but its bulk trading only.


Look around the Internet, check some of the "too good to be true prices out there and you will see some prices way above this level. Quite simply no business can survive by paying more than this £13.01 based on the kilo price in our example of £34,711


So what about these gold-buying companies that are posting prices above this level?

How do they make money?

Basically they fiddle you.  Just remember that you may not be getting the best deal by simply going for the highest advertised price.

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