How we Buy Gold.

We will check the carat of your gold and make sure that your gold is properly identified. For example you may have you may have 9carat (9ct) 10carat, 12 carat, 14 carat, 15  carat 18 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat. Each carat has a different value.
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We will weigh your gold in front of you so we both can see the weight of your gold items. The gold weight is very important as the prices are offered per gram. We only use Trading Standards calibrated Scales.

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We will work out the correct price for your gold by multiplying the price per gram for your Gold carat by the gold weight.

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We pay immediate cash for gold at the highest gold price. No hassle, no hidden charges, no risks.


 To sell Gold,  Silver, Platinum etc to us, first get an idea of the value of your items by weighing them,  then use the gold &  silver calculator Then either Call In to our Counter Service   Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post   Call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form