Sell Industrial waste Gold, Platinum & Silver

That old scrap metal you have lying around on your premises, in your warehouse or on your farm may have Gold Silver or Platinum content.    Gold Silver & Platinum can be found in certain types of industrial scrap metal as well as in industrial grain, pellets, thermocouples, contacts, findings, sweepings (polishing, emery floor sweeps, .Bench Lemels, contacts pins etc

Gold Analysis

In other words anything that looks like rubbish that may have gold and silver in !!! You may have scrap metal lying around OR Sweepings Lemels gold contacts,  findings, sheet, old melted nuggets, rods, Industrial i.e. Thermocouples, wires, platinum laboratory equipment, rolled gold or goldplated items. You may be aware  that they have a gold content but we can identify the actual percentage of gold in your waste and make you an immediate cash offer.  Accurate Identification takes up to 3 days so we offer a 5 day turnaround on your items  For More Information please phone 0121 448 0488. Nb we do accept these items via special delivery post OR we can visit your premises, Farm, Industrial unit etc.  This is an invaluable outreach service & recently one Farmer received £28000 more for his scrap metalfrom us  than he had calculated due to the presence of precious metals. 

Services We offer include
Acid testing
Melt & Assay
Xrf Analysis on your Site (phone for details).

XRF Analyser for Gold Silver & platinum

Further Information 

Scrap gold refiners normally categorize scrap into seven groups. They are called industrial scraps, hallmarked scrap, clean scrap, lemel, sweeps, and polishing. Industrial scrap is wastage from industrial plating process while hallmarked scrap is taken from jewelry that have quality mark. Clean scraps are the cut outs from gold alloys. Lemel is unclean scraps from jewelry factories while sweeping the floors of jewelry factories is the way of collecting sweeps. Polishing scraps come when polishing gold materials. Mops, buffs and other materials taken for polishing of gold items are this type of scrap.

 To sell Gold,  Silver, Platinum etc to us, use our Calculator then either Call In to our Counter Service,   Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery Post,  Call us on 0121 448 0488 OR use our General Enquiry Form 

Scrap Price vs Cash For Antique / Vintage Prices

Best Place to Sell Gold

Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies, antique dealers and jewellers,  don't publish their prices  & offer considerably less than scrap. So if they can't re-sell your item as vintage or antique they still earn  by selling the item to companies like us .   Rest assured we strive to pay the very best prices for your Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery and items. Cut Out The Middleman!